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Our Story

aboutKarla Lim
Our Story

Hi there!

We're so happy that you've come to visit our blog! 

Shortcut Travels is comprised of three, Clement, Karla and our little one Chase and this is our blog of adventures and life journeys. It was borne out of our love for travel and photography, and this yearning to share a little snippet of our lives to others. The blog has since evolved into a mini travel guide, as well as a personal blog sharing Clement's battle with ulcerative colitis, and our journey into parenthood.

Clement is a telecommunications technician by trade, and loves to work with his hands, tinkering with his cars and mechanical toys. Definitely the handyman in the house. He loves anything fast on the ground - like sports cars and 1000cc motorcycles, but not so much boats and airplanes. He's also a cleanliness + organization guru. In fact, his relaxation hobby is washing his cars. Aside from that, he loves to watch Youtube and follow foodies around the world and interesting documentaries. On the artistic side, he loves to photograph landscapes and film short clips of our travels together. Clement met God very early in his childhood, and with his journey with ulcerative colitis, has brought him even closer to God. 

Karla is an entrepreneur that loves to create beautiful things. Currently, she owns Written Word Calligraphy and Design, a calligraphy and design studio that specializes in modern calligraphy for weddings. She is also starting up a new venture called Lark and Ives, which creates travel-inspired pins. Aside from thinking up new businesses, she loves to do outdoor activities like running, cycling and hiking, paint and craft pottery, work on her garden, and of course photography. She's definitely the writer and artist in the couple, and also the mess-maker. Karla also met God very early into childhood, and is passionate about sharing God's love in our lives through her art, and this blog. 

Chase is our little boy, who came into our lives in July 2018. He’s often seen dressed in gray, white, black and all sorts of neutral shades thanks to mommy and daddy’s fashion sense. He’s a smiley, happy little boy that brings so much joy to his family. His current interests include Christian sunday school songs (his faves are I’ve got peace like a river, the B-I-B-L-E, the King of the jungle), nursery rhymes (his faves are Baby Shark, Wheels on the Bus), bath time with daddy, and cuddles.

The two of us crossed paths in church when we were 22, and we were happily married in June 2014 in Maui, Hawaii. Today, we live in beautiful Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. 

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