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A Snippet Of Us

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A Snippet Of Us

One thing I ask from Clement every year for our anniversary is this - a handwritten letter, and a photoshoot of us. I just always want to treasure our moments together, and one day we could look back and see how we were at that point in our lives. Time passes by so quickly and I just really think it's so important to capture these moments, because you never know how long you'll have each other. 

This time around, we were in Tokyo and had the chance to have our photos taken in our favorite city in the world. We wanted someone who was local, who also spoke English and knew the area, and photographed in lifestyle/journalistic style. We were so fortunate to find Megumi Maris Photography. Megumi actually lived in the US for quite most of her life, and only recently moved back to Japan. We really loved her style and Clement felt really comfortable getting photographed, which is so important to me. 

We wanted to get photos taken of us the busy streets of Tokyo, in transit, eating our favorite convenience store goodies, and we stumbled upon a little street market that sold handmade goods right in the middle of a cobblestone street - seriously it couldn't be any better! The weather was perfect and we loved all our photos :) 

Happy 2nd Anniversary, love! 

We started off at the Tokyo Station. 


The lovely thing about the Tokyo Station is that it has such a juxtaposition of modern industrial Japanese design, and then vintage Eur0pean inspired architecture, as well! 


I'm sure some people probably thought we were filming something! I loved how happy we are in these photos :) I think we got better over time, from our engagement photos to the wedding and then our first anniversary one, and finally this! 

Then we walked along the Imperial Palace to get some shots with gorgeous willow trees...

And then, we headed back to the station. And on the way back, we found this little street market on a beautiful cobblestone street and fell in love! Clement knows how I love visiting these places just to check out what the handmade things are in this side of the world... I rarely actually buy them but if I find a super unique item I totally would! 


Then we decided to walk a little further because we just loved how the trees were lining up this street, and the gorgeous light shining through them... it really felt like we weren't in Japan. 


This is like me and Clement when we're traveling... I'm usually dragging him to something to check out, singing silly songs and sharing laughter. 

And then, we decided to take a quick break and visit a convenience store and get some snacks. My favorite ones are the ikura onigiris - and Clement loves his negitoro sushi rolls. They're just so fresh and absolutely delicious! 

And how adorable is that little coffee truck??? too bad C and I really don't drink coffee but it sure made for a pretty backdrop! 


And then, we hopped on the train to go to Shibuya.

It's always been my dream to have a photo with Clement inside the transit. We picked the Yamanote line because I knew it ran above ground, so plenty of natural light instead of the dark Tokyo Metro's. Also, for some reason, it was pretty much empty this time around! We were all pleasantly surprised because we felt so intrusive taking photos on the train, haha! Thankfully Japanese people try not to intrude as much and just look away. 

I really must have just watched too much anime and read too much manga to think this is so romantic, lol! 


And finally we arrive in Shibuya! Funny because whenever I type Shibuya I can literally hear the lady announcing the station name "Shibu - yaaaaa. Shibu - yaaaa"  

We must've walked back and forth the crossing 10 times before we got a shot we all loved! 

And of course we just had to do some shots with the vending machines, I mean, we do spend quite a bit in these things when we're walking around the city, especially me, I get thirsty all the time! I really do love the convenience of these machines, seriously. 


And that's pretty much a wrap! I can't wait for our next one! ;) 

Love, K