Visiting Chicago Part 1

Visiting Chicago Part 1

C and I recently had a chance to visit my sister Krisha in Chicago, the windy city. It was also going to be our chill / relax before the baby comes kind of trip. It was just for 4 short days, and from all our friends who've visited Chicago, we were truly excited. C's health has still been quite a bit of a rollercoaster this past few weeks, but by God's grace on this trip it held up. 

Some of my clients and industry friends live in Chicago, so I was so glad to get some locals recommendations for this little weekender. We arrived in Chicago mid-day on a Saturday, so we picked up our rental car, picked up our sis and headed to get some lunch before going to our Airbnb in Wicker Park. Our Airbnb host did recommend that we get a car, but if you're the type that would just stay in downtown Chicago, I would recommend doing Uber/Lyft or public transit instead, since parking is ridiculously expensive in downtown. It worked out for us since we did a ton of driving outside Chicago, and where we stayed there was free parking. 

First things first... Shake Shack! I know this isn't really a Chicago thing but we just love eating burgers and milkshakes from this place. C's fave is the smoke stack, which is also what I like, but nothing beats their malted milk shake, that's all I care about right now in my preggo state. 

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Next stop, of course we did what every Chicago tourist did... visit the Bean! My poor little sis has to bring all of her visitors to this place, lol. We went in the sunset time, which made the place extra beautiful (and cold), we definitely felt the windy city feel at this point, even in the middle of April. I can only imagine how much more fun it would be in the summertime with all of the festivals and events happening around this area, and especially because there's so much more to see and experience with great weather! 

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Our Airbnb was located in Wicker Park, and honestly I had picked it because it was simply gorgeous! The area itself is very beautiful, but the owners did an amazing job with their place. It had a shared middle floor, and the entire basement was ours. It had a room + sauna + hot tub in the basement. Did I say hot tub??? 

The decor was just so beautiful and tasteful, we would definitely recommend it. I know it's a shared space rather than having it all to yourself, but we felt having the whole basement to ourselves was nice and private enough. 

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And before long, it was time for dinner! Our friend Flo had recommend this taco place to us and we just had to try it. It was called Antique Tacos and it was just in our area, but we were able to just find some street parking which was coincidentally free by that time, which was even more awesome (since we ended up having to pay for so much parking in downtown all day already).

When we came, there was a little bit of a line but it moved along fairly quickly, probably by half an hour we were already sitting? It was so good! The guac was truly amazing, and we tried 3 different tacos and they were all delicious. C liked the pork carnitas the best, and I actually ironically liked the fish taco the best, and my sis loved the garlic shrimp the best. I downed their agua fresca papaya orange so fast... hahaha! 

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Then, we hit the sack after a busy day of traveling! :) To be continued...