Visiting Chicago Part 2

Visiting Chicago Part 2

With C's health still a rollercoaster, this trip to Chicago was mostly unplanned, which was really nice for a change. We would go home if we felt like it, I could nap (since third trimester fatigue has really set in) when I needed to, and we could go out to eat if we were hungry. I mean, most of our trips aren't that structured either, but we would usually at least have some goals or must-do's. But for Day 2 in Chicago, we had a little bit more planned. We had breakfast, Field Museum and the Architecture Boat Cruise on the itinerary.

We started off early with a breakfast at Little Goat. One of my clients had her wedding here a few years back, and she highly recommended it to us. It's one of Chef Izard's restaurants (one of the top Chefs / iron chefs we've both watched on TV), and I've always loved her cooking because it's often Asian inspired, creative, and incredibly delicious. The Little Goat is the modern diner version of it, which I love, because C and I are all about comfort food that is reasonably priced rather than pretentious, over-priced, bite-sized portioned places (LOL). 

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The verdict: delicious! 

We tried 3 things - the okonomiyaki, the little piggy went to china, and the cinnamon roll (one of C's favorite things on the planet, I think) and they were all so delish! Of course I had to have a glass of chocolate milk, just cause. 

After that, we headed on over to the Field Museum. So sad that Sue, the T-Rex was not in its usual spot :O!!! We had no idea this was the case, but it was still a really fun museum to hang out in and walk around. I think in total we spent about 3 hours in here, with the all-access pass. We started off with the bottom floor, and then went into the 3-D show (these seriously just lull C to sleep, haha!), then we went to all the exhibits that interested us. 

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Afterwards, in the afternoon, we headed on to the architecture boat cruise. This was also highly recommended by our friends in Chicago, but because it was cold and windy, we didn't really want to stay out, so we stayed indoors and occasionally went out to take photos. Wimps. 

It was quite a long cruise I must say, around 1.5 hours? At some point we were glazing over all the descriptions, since we were going back and forth the entire river. 

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Afterwards, we headed back home to rest a little, and then we went for dinner at an Italian place in the neighborhood. Staying at Wicker Park has been so convenient for food choices, for sure! 

The very next day, it was slushy and snowy around town, so we decided to have a little breakfast at a nearby cafe called Milk and Honey, which had some delicious buttermilk pancakes. C had to have bagels, because that's just his thing!


I also decided to do some store visits so we went to visit this adorable little shop called Gather Home and Lifestyle, it's just absolutely adorable! I'm sure if it was local to me, I would frequent it often.


At night, we had our last dinner with my sis so we went to this Asian Fusion place called Urban Belly, which was so yummy! The coconut curry pho was delicious - It was a cross between laksa and pho, which is also all things delicious. The selling point was the soft serve ice cream sundaes, which of course this preggo mama was gonna have. I can't remember what the flavour of the other one was, but we had the PB & J one, which was delicious! 


For our last day, we went to the murals in downtown Chicago because we heard it was really cool to do that, so we followed a couple of blog posts. And indeed it was. As an artist, I just can't imagine the scale of creating these massive murals... it was truly a feat. Then, we headed off to the outlets for some last minute shopping, and also had some Jollibee, my childhood favourite restaurant! Gimme all that gravy, haha! 


Chicago was truly a beautiful city - weather is a little crazy, food is delicious, there's stop signs in the craziest intersections, but our little family really enjoyed visiting it and I would totally visit it again!